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Themes of World Design Capital 2012 Helsinki

Open Helsinki – city to the citizens
We are searching for innovative and inspiring ways for citizens take part and influence their environment’s development in large and small scale.

Global responsibility
We search for solutions for urban development challenges that have a major impact on people’s environment’s quality and happiness.

Roots for new growth
We encourage new ways to utilize design as a source of growth. Design is becoming more and more important for businesses worldwide as they strive to stay competitive.


Openness. That is the basis of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. We want to be open in everything that we do. Open for suggestions, open in communication, open for conversation. Sure, we have events, a calendar filled with them. Not only in Finland but everywhere. Already now our satellite events take place around the globe. Milan, Berlin, London, Taipei, Tokyo and, of course, in New York City. World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, however, is more than just events or even projects. It’s about embedding design in life.

Design can create happiness

For us, openness equals transparency, curiosity, global responsibility and innovation. We believe that design can create happiness. And we also believe in embedding design in urban planning and architecture.

That is why "Bullhorn - Cembrit Design Competition" has been choosen to be part of the WDC program. Here design is applied in a context architectural where it will benifit everyday people. Also the theme of the competition resonates well with the WDC theme of "Global Responsibilty".



World Design Capital is an initiative of ICSID (International Council of Societes of Industrial Design). ICSID nominates the city together with Icograda International Council of Graphic Design Associations) and IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers).

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