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Ulla-Kirsti Junttila

Industrial designer Ulla-Kirsti Junttila has worked her more than 30 years career on the field of public and urban design as an researcher, teacher and designer working for instance in the Department of Public Works in the City of Helsinki years 1991-2003.

From the year 2003 she has worked in Sito Oy as urban designer and years 2008-2010 as the Head of City Planning and Design Department.

On the field of urban design Ulla has designed many urban open spaces as Kamppi Square in Helsinki, Market Square in Kotka and Rotuaari pedestrian areas in Oulu. An important part of her work has been designing for accessibility. On the field of public art she has designed the Monument of Porkkala Returning in Espoo 2006 and ”Crystal Hut” in Espoo (2008).

Ulla has written many books about street furniture and urban design, as ”Muuttuvat kadunkalusteet” (1986), ”Kaupunkiympäristön suunnittelu” (1994), ”Katuympäristön suunnitteluopas” (2002) and ”Kaupunkimuotoilu 30” (2011). As a product designer she has designed the street furnitures for The City of Helsinki and several companies as Lemminkäinen Oy and Lappset Oy.

Title: Senior Advisor
Company: Sito Oy (FI)
Education: Urban Designer
Photo by: Piritta Männistö

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