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Jari Paukkonen

As a building material producer Cembrit has a responsibility to provide the elements for tomorrows built environment. To do so we need the insights and visions of the people working with our products – among others architects and designers.

At Cembrit we are passionate about the products we produce and we believe that fibre cement has the answer to many of the future challenges in built environment. With more than 100 hundred years of experience in producing building materials for roofing and cladding in fibre cement we are confidante in our abilities in that area.

But when it comes to re-inventing the use of fibre cement we acknowledge that we need to ask people that see beyond current products, recipies and production methods. We want to involve our customers and co-create!

We know we have courageous and visionary customers and therefore it seemed obvious to give them the chance to think fibre cement with no limits. Co-creation is the motivation and “Bullhorn – Cembrit Design Competition” is our way of asking architects and designers to push the limits of fibre cement beyond what is currently possible.

I wish all of the participants good luck and I look forward to seeing your submissions.

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