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About Helsinki City Planning Department

Future city as a mission

The City Planning Department attends to the developing of the city’s structure and environment as well as town planning and traffic planning. The operations of the department are directed by the Helsinki City Planning Board. Its task is to control and monitor master planning, town planning and traffic planning.

City vision

Helsinki is an intimate and vibrant metropolis.
We are developing Helsinki to be a city that is urban, attractive and with a more concentrated city structure. With our planning work, we seek to create preconditions for sufficient and high-quality housing development, great neighbourhood services and versatile businesses, bringing the city back into the city. Our aim is to reduce dependence on privately owned cars by means of a good regional public transport system and pleasant cycling and pedestrian environments.
We are careful not to waste any natural resources, and we ensure that our precious nature and good recreational resources are available to future generations as well. We respect the history and traditions of Helsinki but do not shy away from innovative and bold decisions to develop an intriguing urban environment.

Mission of the City Planning Department

Helsinki City Planning Department plans and controls the land use and traffic in Helsinki as well as guides the development of the urban environment. The department is responsible for preparing decision-making in its field professionally and creatively in interaction with other experts and inhabitants.

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