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Elias Rainio

Elias Rainio is Urban planner at Helsinki City Planning Department. Working with urban renewal of suburban areas. One of his main goals is to develop and activate areas nearby public transport, such as the Malmi station. Elias has past experience on development of similar size transit areas. We have asked Elias about transit areas in generel and Malmi area in spevific.

What are the current challenges in transit areas in general?
Transit areas should be regenerated attractive equally for dwellers and travellers. Attractiveness should be achieved despite of environmental hazards caused by traffic, such as traffic noise. Efficient transportation like railroad tends to create roadblocks for local pedestrian connections. Nearby areas can be easily divided by the heavy traffic routes. Sufficient parking for cars and bicycles should be arranged in a way that doesn't create large passive and unaesthetic spaces around it. Spaces of public transport get easily worn out if they are not properly constructed or maintained.

What are the plans for the near future for developing transit areas like Malmi?
Helsinki has several strategic plans to develop and activate areas nearby public transport in the suburban areas.
Increasing habitation with its round-the-clock social activeness is the best way to prevent vandalism and misbehaviour.

Your visions for the Malmi area?
Malmi should be further developed as an active and important district center of Helsinki. In order to maintain its wide variety of local services Malmi has to be able to compete with the other commercial rivals developing nearby. This can be achieved by boosting and strengthening the current activities and housing in the area. Projects like this are already under way: New dwelling area called Ormuspelto and new traverse public transport project called Jokeri II are already under construction.
Title: Urban Planner
Company: Helsinki City Planning Department
Education: Architect
Photo: Alvaro Arenas

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