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Competition Process

  • Competition opens 3rd of October 2011
  • Deadline for questions 1st November, 2011
  • Answers (published on website) 15 November, 2011
  • On the 15th of January, 2012 the entries are handed in according to the guidelines set in paragraph 4 in the competition program.
  • The jury will meet up in Helsinki where the competition secretary will guide them through the selcetion process. The three best entries are selected including any honorary mentioning.
  • The contact persons of the three winning entries as well as the aditional purchased entries are informed after the jury decision by e-mail in the beginning of February 2012. All of the other entrants will be informed by e-mail at the same time about not being selected for the exhibition.
  • The three winner proposals will be realized as prototypes. During this proces the teams will act as advisors for the realization of their proposal and provide comments for the prototype development (via email). The prototypes are realized for the purpose of the Bullhorn winner exhibition and they can be realized with various techniques, depending on the nature of the proposal.
  • The jury will decide the final order of the entries after the prototype phase based upon physical prototypes or pictures of them.
  • The winner will be announced at the exhibition opening ceremony on 10th of May 2012.

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