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URban Transit Area ideas

The organizers invite participants to think about urban transit areas and the challenges they provide. The Malmi station area in Helsinki has been selected as the context for generating ideas representing such a transit area .The entries should create something unique and experiential that addresses the problems of urban transit areas.
The competition is seeking idea level solutions, the participants are not expected to enter detailed structural drawings or solve the final realizability of the proposal. Entries should be applied to predefined areas within the Malmi station area and its immediate surroundings. Fibre cement should have a major role in the proposal, though other complementary materials and solutions can also be used.

Application areas - Arrival to malmi

Participants should think about the arrival to Malmi as a functional (transit and commuting), mental (orientation and identity of the area) and visual experience. How could fibre cement be used to improve the quality of the environment? The concept level idea should be explained on a general level and the applications should provide an example of the flexibility of the concept. The entrants should select at least three of the following application areas to implement their concept:

  • Arrival by train 
  • Arrival by bus 
  • Arrival by car 
  • Arrival by bicycle
  • Arrival by foot

All of the application areas have been assigned a specific location within the Malmi station area.
Go to the download section to find specific links to googlemaps, area maps and pictures. (The participants are not expected to visit the site)

Request competition brief to read more about the focus in each area.

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Design drivers

  • increasing the attractiveness of the area
  • improving feeling of safety and accessibility
  • supporting the area identity

Design instructions

Suggestions for areas to be addressed in competition entries.

  • surfaces of the spaces (floor, ceiling, walls)
  • colours and visual appearance of the surfaces
  • selected details
  • structural details
  • identity elements related to the context/history of the site
  • informative elements (signage, light-elements, etc.)
  • Etc. (non-exhaustive list)

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