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Attention to the Suburbs

The City of Helsinki is revitalizing its suburbs through the Neighbourhood Project (2008-2011). The vision of the project is being adopted in the present competition, describing the global need for developing the suburbs in addition to city centres.

The areas outside the Helsinki city centre hold numerous attractive districts, diverse residential and commercial areas, and a vibrant urban culture. Characteristic of these city districts is that all essential services are only a short distance away. The appealing features and strengths of the various city districts have been emphasized in the Neighbourhood Project, promoting the construction of versatile housing, striving to maintain services in these areas and helping to bring about new ones, and providing opportunities for city residents to engage more in the improvement of their residential areas.

Neighbourhood Project, 2008-2011 - Areas of Focus
  • Densification and diversification of the urban structure
  • Improving the current quality of the environment
  • Image facelifts

For more information about the Neighbourhood Project, see Attachment B.

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