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The concept

Cembrit invites architects and designers to participate in an open international idea competition to reinvent fibre-cement as a material in urban environments. The competition brief is to address a worldwide trend and/or problem through a specific case. The organizers warmly invite idea level proposals to be submitted in the competition to be evaluated by a distinguished international jury.

The motivation

Cembrit aims to provide inspiration and solutions for people who want outstanding life settings. This means products, which enable innovative and insightful solutions in construction, both functionally and visually. Therefore Cembrit strives to take to use of fibre cement further and reinvent the material in ways that bring out the best qualities of fibre cement. Qualities that enable more unique solutions for built environments; the flexibility and possibilities allow realizations that yield a more interesting end result. In an ideal world the material should not restrain the vision of the architect - on the contrary, it should inspire and allow expression.

In "Bullhorn - Cembrit Design Competition" we want to enable vision not restrain it.

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Why the name ”Bullhorn”?

The Bullhorn relates to the history of the name Cembrit and the nature of the competition.

The name ‘Cembrit’ derives from the Cimbri – a nomadic tribe from Northern Denmark that conquered large parts of Europe and threatened the Roman Empire around 100 BC. The name was first used in 1941 as the name of an export brand during Dansk Eternit-Fabrik’s European conquest. In Aalborg/Denmark where Cembrit is headquartered a statue of the Cimbrian bull stands tall and proud as a symbol of the strenght and adventure shown by the Cimbri.

The bullhorn symbols both the horn of the Cimbrian bull and a megaphone, combining the bull’s solidity, strength and courage with the megaphone’s leadership and attention grabbing characteristics.

The bullhorn is the tip of the bull – made for breakthroughs. It is design and architecture worth shouting about.

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