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Malmi Waffles

The second-place entry “Malmi-Waffles” was created by the Swedish architect company Arklab sthlm from Stockholm.

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The project

The idea behind the project was to re-inject life and energy into the worn-out urban transit area of Malmi station. Through the use of corrugated sheets in a new and imaginative way, they added a soft and surprising design.
As Arklab themselves express:

“The Malmi station area is the type of area that we all have seen many times. Like an evidences from the past, it remains and inhabits our cities. The function of the place is there, but the excitement is lost”

The multiple sheds can be used for different purposes, such as kiosk, seating, mailbox, advertising, signs and tickets etc. Furthermore, the sheds would be led up by LED light in the evening to be an appealing and warm atmosphere while being fuctional as well.

From idea to prototype

The project is comprised by classic corrugated sheets, the 100-year old industrial design icon, and assembled to look like waffles. This is achieved by mounting the corrugated sheets together opposite of each other.

”The thought behind the structure is to make something durable but also delicate and intriguing. Why can’t a bus stop shed feel like a sweater?” , the architects ask rhetorically, which emphasizes their innovative way of approaching the project.

What do the architects say about their entry?

Overall, Arklab found it very interesting to participate in the Bullhorn competition because of the complexity of the Malmi city area. Arklab believe the area to be a complex piece of the city because the entire area has almost the same rather neutral appearance as it was built around the same time. They believe that the challenging part for them was to create a proposal that was able to diversify the area’s appearance to make it both intriguing and at the same time avoiding the uniformity of the past.

The idea, to use corrugated sheets in an entirely different way, originates from Arklab’s desire to use the fibrecement for two purposes; to use the material in large-scale to create a functional appearance of the Malmi station and to use fibre cement in small-scale to create aesthetically small details to catch by passers’ attention.

Prospectively, Arklab are very proud of the whole process and look forward to to show their products to colleagues and friends around the world and to see where the competition will take them stating that "up to now it has just been an idea, and now it has been awarded, it changes the idea into something that could be reality", they explain.

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