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First-place entry Papilio was created by the Swedish architect couple Ilyas Awadh and Selime Osman. The Bullhorn competition was their first competition together. Both of the upcoming architects have a very ambitious and goal-oriented approach to their passion, Ilyas stating that "I always aim higher than winning – that’s when you win".

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The project

Despite, the two architects initially having difficulties finding the most ideal way to utilise fibre cement, in order to soften the Malmi station’s present concrete areas, they soon came to realize the diversified use and various qualities of fibre cement from which they created “Papilio”.

From idea to prototype

“They [the butterflies] line up static in order to blend in while they are playing and flying along the façades. They fly from place to place and show their bright colours” the architects describe.

The construction is comprised by colourful triangular components which are connected in different ways to create structures emerging in different directions. One of the advantages of the construction is that it is flexible, easy to maintain and can be removed easily.

The jury recognises that the component has very diverse potential for development and application – both in the Malmi station and in many other locations.

What do the architects say about their entry?

Overall, Osman and Awadh are thrilled to have won 1st prize and having participated in Bullhorn. However, they both agree that they did not think that they would win when handing in their proposal. But nevertheless they feel honored that the jury saw the potential in “Papilio” and that the 1st prize creates an excellent opportunity for them and their future careers.

Their idea, to create a butterfly-pattern made from triangular components, originates from the two architects’ wishes to create a light construction that would ‘camouflage’ the façades. They both agree that Bullhorn succeeded in fostering their creativity which enabled them to use it in both a functional, colourful and imaginative way.
Concluding, both architects agree that they would feel very honoured if it would be possible to realise parts of the “Papilio” project at some point.

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